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For over 20 years, P&W Intermodal has provided consistent, quality freight-transportation services to a wide range of customers across Canada and the United States. Customers rely on our services to improve their performance, lower distribution costs and assist them to meet “just-in-time” delivery schedules.

The size and strength of P&W have enabled us to meet the challenges of today's changing marketplace. As a result, our customers can count on us to help them maintain proper inventory levels, fully-stocked shelves and secure sales.


We take safety standards and our policies very seriously to maintain the safest conditions for our drivers, personnel, customers and the general public. We maintain compliance with hours of service regulations and we adhere to all industry safety standards. Our mechanics follow a rigid, scheduled maintenance program to ensure each piece of equipment is ready and prepared for the journey ahead. Our comprehensive orientation program, continued training and ongoing investment in technology further enhance driver professionalism.

Job Openings

Owner Operator

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Shop Mechanic

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Company Driver

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Customer service, operating ratios and driver satisfaction all depend on how effectively you communicate and manage your resources. Our system is used for more than just vehicle positioning. It provides a competitive advantage by enabling dispatchers to coordinate the scheduling of goods directly into your warehouse or production facility.
  • Satellite tracking and fleet management software includes two-way mobile communications.
  • Real-time messaging, performance monitoring and systems integration provide instant tracking and communication with all trucks at all times.
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capable - from receiving load info to sending shipment status updates, invoices, and more.

New Terminal Operating Hours 7am – 5pm